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The Legacy by Virginia Woolf

Analysis: The story is told int the third person.
1. Gilbert Clondon thinks that Angela is trustworthy, she says everything about her life and Gilbert says that "She had been the soul of candour." But she has got a secret, she deceives her husband and he does not know until he reads the legacy.
2. In the legacy, Angela writes that she is proud of being his wife and she describes how handsome Gilbert is although she thinks so, she deceives Gilbert.
Angela's internal conflicts:
1. Angela is in conflict with herself. She has an affair with B.M., she loves him even she commits suicide after his death, but she does not divorce Gilbert. Although she loves B.M., she goes on living with Gilbert. She can't decide what she will do.
2. Angela is in conflict with herself. Although she can't be enough courge to divorce Gilbert, she commits suicide for the sake of B.M.
Angela's external conflict: Angela is in conflict with environment. Although she wants to divorce Gilbert, she can't divorce. Maybe she thinks that after people comment about her. At the same time Gilbert is a famous politician that's why she does not reveal her secret. If everybody learns her secrets they condemn her.
Angela: Angela is pratogonist and round character. She is having an affair because she was not happy with her husband. Her husband , Gilbert Clandon is so busy that he does not spend time with Angela. Angela's marriage is unhappy. She has an affair with B.M., they are lover and theyare happy. Angela can talk to him and they can spend time together. At the end of the story, B.M. commits suicide because Angela does not divorce her husband. After B.M. commits suicide.
Gilbert Clandon: Gilbert Clandon is pratogonist and round character. He is too busy with his own life. Angela describes that Gilbert is handsome and how proud she is to be his wife. Thus, Gilbert thinks that he is a very distinguished-looking man but he is a self-centered man, unable to focus his attention an anyone but himself. He thinks that her wife is unintelligent for conversation. When he read in her diary about her discussions wiht B.M. and thinks to himself "To discuss and understand something is very difficult for her" But then he learns his wife deceives him. He is probably upset out of pride, that his wife has an affair, rather than at the fact that his wife lills himself because he does not pay attention to her and their marriage. he is upset because when somebody learns that his wife deceives him, bad things happen.
Sissy Miller: Sissy Miller is Gilbert Clondon's secretary and is sister of B.M. She does not know her brother and Angela are lover. After she reads the diary, she learns that they are lover.

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