30 Ekim 2007 Salı

Snow by Ann Beattie

Point of view: Snow is told by the first person narrator.
Characterization: The woman is unnamed narrator ans she is pratogonist. She is optimistic although her lover isn't. She is round character because there are changes in her life, for example she brakes up her lover, her friend, Allen dies.
The setting: In this story, the time is winter, everywhere is covered with snow and the place is a country house.
The metaphors:Seconds nad symbols are left to sum things up, the black shroud. Thw words "Black Shroud" were a metaphor because the shroud looks like something which was black.
The similies:
1. Our first week in the house was spent scraping, finding some of the house's secrets, like wallpaper underneath wallpaper. The simile is that the wallpaper searches the secrets of house like the author.
2. The day of the big snow, when you had to shovel the walk and could not find your cap and asked me how to wind a towel so that it would stay on your head, you in the white towel turban like a crazy king of snow. The woman compares her lover's white towel turban with a crazy king of snow. She thinks that resembles a crazy king of snow.

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